Citizens have been reporting white supremacist propaganda showing up around town with candy bags attached, but local children aren’t buying it.

“I don’t remember it being Halloween, so I told the ghost to go away or I would call my mommy on him. They weren’t even giving out good candy,” said one local child.

It’s definitely a scary notion that a city like Sioux Falls is having to rid itself of dumbass white supremacists.

“We’re asking all parents and children to be vigilant around any kind of strangers. Unless, of course, you are getting into a stranger’s car for a LYFT ride. Then it’s totally cool,” said a Sioux Falls Police Department representative.

Luckily children have been training their whole lives in having to battle it out with these types of douchebags.

“I play a lot of Fortnite, so I know when to ignore something like this. I always tell my enemies to ‘PISS OFF’ in Fortnite, and if they don’t, I call my daddy to come help me,” said another child we spoke with.

Sioux Falls, as a city, stands behind these children in ridding any kind of hate.


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Adam K. White