A study conducted by a local company released figures that show Sioux Falls millennials are having trouble differentiating which buildings are churches and which buildings are bars/clubs.

“Ever since churches have gotten hipper with their names, I honestly cannot even tell anymore. You used to be able to tell with the building, but since they’re now in strip malls, I have no idea,” said one local millennial we spoke with.

It’s no surprise seeing a bar and a church next to each other in rural towns, but Sioux Falls churches have been slowly becoming hipper in building décor and name.

“I walked into a church the other day and everyone was sipping on wine. Definitely started twerking because I thought the stage area was a dance floor,” said another millennial we spoke with.

While we’re not sure why millennials are showing up to the club at 10 am on a Sunday, it’s very clear that things have begun to blur.

“Well, tequila is definitely one of the gods I worship. It consumes my life almost every day, so there’s that,” said the millennial.

Sioux Falls Police recommend millennials they should check Google before entering a cool named business building.

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