With many citizens seeing shootings, drownings, and homeless people starting to double from 2 to 4 over the past couple years, city officials have begun to discuss the possibility that Sioux Falls is slowly becoming Chicago.

“I seriously saw a homeless person the other day. That’s at least double from what I saw last year. It’s like Sioux Falls is literally Chicago now,” said one representative we spoke with.

City officials have also started plans on buying multiple tanks to strategically place throughout the city to discourage criminal activity.

“Our police force is obviously not equipped to deal with these people entering the river and needing to be rescued. We believe parking a tank at the Falls will discourage people from going in the river,” said another city official.

Many citizens believe the new Sioux Falls flag represents the growing problems in the city, and with recent events going on, they believe they’re in the right.

“Do you see how it steadily goes up and up? I rest my case,” said one local we spoke with.

City officials have not released any kind of budgeting for the tanks.

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Adam K. White