The awards just keep flowing in the local scene! This time it’s a local Casey’s General Store bringing home the very prestigious “Best Pizza Around Because Everything Else Sucks” award.

“We’re very excited to be such a distinguished name in pizza! You’ve probably heard that we are the best pizza around on literally every commercial for our stores, but now we have the hardware to prove it!” said one local Casey’s manager.

It’s a great honor for a gas station to receive any kind of food award, as most people would not dare eat gas station food.

“We’ve heard from a lot of people that are very skeptical about eating gas station food, but those gas stations do not have awards like we do!” said the manager.

Many are still baffled that Casey’s won the award because they claim Sioux Falls offers much better pizza.

“I know Casey’s believes they have the best pizza around, and they’ll definitely let you know they believe it too. But, I believe their pizza tastes like tomato cardboard,” said one Yelp review.

This is Casey’s second time taking home an award. They also won the “Literally Nothing Else To Eat In The Area” award in a small Iowa town a couple years ago.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White