A group of local dads have finally gotten their Harley-Davidson trailers in the mail from Amazon and are ready to head to Sturgis for the final weekend of the rally.

“So I chose 2 day free shipping, but the vendor was sold out. I had to actually end up waiting a couple weeks to get my new Harley-Davidson motorcycle trailer,” said one local dad.

While most hardcore riders enjoy riding all the way to the rally on their actual motorcycles, most cool dads end up storing their motorcycles in a trailer and driving to Sturgis.

“It’s just easier overall to bring the ‘cycles in the trailer. That way they don’t get all dirty or scratched,” said another local dad.

Numbers that have been coming in from the rally this year have been high, but this coming weekend should really boost the numbers with all the trailers finally arriving.

“I’m excited just hook the trailer up to the van with the wife, and head out west for another great Sturgis rally! My wife is even bringing her leather chaps!” said the local dad.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ends August 12th.

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