It’s been a long time coming, but Galaxy Gaming is finally moving out of their parent’s basement!

“It’s just a blessing to finally move into our own place. We’ve been waiting a long time for this and it’s going to be a great journey!” said a Galaxy Gaming representative.

Many Baby Boomers cannot fathom that it took Galaxy Gaming around 13 years to finally move out into their own place.

“When I was that age, I was shaving for 5 years, had a career, and provided for a whole family. Nowadays these kids can’t even provide for themselves!” said one Baby Boomer we spoke with.

Galaxy Gaming is said to be expanding their laser combat arena and maybe getting a dog because now they finally can.

“We’re very interested in getting a dog because the parental units never let us have one. Maybe we could get like a digital pet that customers can come in and feed digital treats!” said a Galaxy Gaming representative.

Dirt has been moved around in the new spot and Galaxy Gaming hopes construction on the site starts soon, because their parents are getting antsy to get them out of the house.

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