It was announced Monday that the local jail would be giving away Monopoly cards that automatically get you out of jail no matter what.

“Yes, it’s true. We didn’t even think about our actions and we are very sorry. We thought we might be able to revoke the card before anyone found out, but then we kept playing Monopoly because it’s so addicting,” said one representative with the jail.

Authorities are still looking for the inmate who used the card, and are now asking the public for assistance.

“We are currently seeking help from the public to find the inmate who misused a Monopoly card. Not only do we want your tax money, we want you to do our job for us as well!” said another representative we spoke with.

It has not been made clear if the inmate tried rolling the dice before using his Monopoly card.

“Well he rolled the time before, but I really can’t remember if he rolled and THEN left or if he just used it at the beginning of his turn,” said a representative.

Minnehaha County Jail reminds citizens they will not always get a card like this if they break the law.

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Adam K. White