A heated battle over the new Sioux Falls design has taken over the Sioux Falls metro area.

“It just looks like a 12 year old put a bunch of random stuff in a Paint document. Like squiggly lines and the sun. Definitely not representative of Sioux Falls in my opinion!” said one angry citizen we spoke with.

The design has always been seen as an unofficial flag for Sioux Falls, meant to represent…stuff and things, but some locals are very encouraged Sioux Falls took the initiative to join other cities in the country in having our own flag.

“Other cities have flags, so I believe Sioux Falls should! Granted, the design looks like a 12 year old put a bunch of random lines in a Paint document. It’s still nice to have a flag I can wave around!” said one encouraged citizen we spoke with.

Some citizens are taking more of a hardcore approach to it, citing incorrect use of color in the design.

“I’m pretty sure red is insensitive to put in designs. Very poor taste for this 12 year old to put it on the flag. They need some sensitivity training, I believe,” said one poster on Facebook with no picture.

The Sioux Falls flag has sold 3 or 4 times over the past couple weeks.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White