A local, pissed off mob is asking that all Meteorologists step down after forecasting rain for Wednesday’s “Hot Summer Nites”.

“Like, they don’t even do their job 70% of the time and the other 30% is pure luck. If I only did my job correct that percent of the time, I’d be fired very quickly!” said the head of the local mob.

Hot Summer Nites is an annual event that features a ton of Corvettes, vendors of all sorts, and free live music.

“Also, why can’t the Meteorologists just not forecast the storm in Sioux Falls. Forecast it in Watertown. There’s nothing there and they get hit with stuff all the time. Don’t make us suffer,” said the head of mob.

The mob also questions why the event was even cancelled in the first place.

“A little tornado ain’t gonna hurt anyone. Everyone in 2018 is so sensitive about everything. I’m pretty sure the cancellation is fake news, anyway” said another member of the mob, who held a pitchfork and torch uncomfortably close to us.

We reached out to a local Meteorologist for comment, but the station only gave us a 10% chance of a return call.

The Sioux Falls metro area is forecasted to get 1-2 inches of rain later this evening.

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Adam K. White