Renters in downtown Sioux Falls will soon find a little less in their bank accounts after their rent due date.

“I’m ready as hell to raise the rent here! People are only paying $1,400 for a tiny loft downtown! They should be paying at LEAST $2,400 for something so amazing in a growing downtown metro area!” said one landlord.

Landlords have been rejoicing since the announcement of a “mixed use” development that was pushed through quickly by City Council.

“Honestly, this is better than Christmas! This is only my 5th time raising rent, but it gets more exciting every time I do! It’s like being a kid in a candy shop!” said another landlord we spoke with.

The first project in the new development will be another “mixed use” building that is sure to have high-end boutiques, restaurants no one can afford, a Sanford sign, and since it is the Billions that are building it, a showroom for cars.

“It’s going to be a great place to be! We might even include some parking! We haven’t really decided on that yet, though.” said a representative close to the project.

Good luck to everyone who lives downtown

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Adam K. White