A local retirement home took a field trip to Terrace Park on Monday, and the day will be forever stained in brown.

“All the sudden the pool was brown. I thought maybe a kid spilled some chocolate ice cream or a candy bar like in that movie,” said one swimmer we spoke with.

Sioux Falls Parks & Rec are always prepared when they see retirement home busses approach their facilities, but yesterday proved to be too difficult for the employees.

“I was out there with a net trying to get all the brown water before it took over. My attempts were thwarted by that elusive brown mess, though,” said one employee we spoke with.
Some swimmers believe the retirement home residents were out for “revenge on millennials” and other believe it was an honest mistake.

“I don’t know if they thought it was a giant toilet or what. I can see them wanting revenge on millennials, though. Who doesn’t want to take a dump on them?” said a middle-aged swimmer we spoke with.

Terrace Park should be reopening soon.

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Adam K. White