An announcement broke early this morning that the Sioux Falls Smithfield plant will be adding on to their current facilities.

“We’re going to be adding on a huge air freshener facility so we don’t make the city smell like dead pig butt,” said one representative we spoke with.

It’s no secret that Falls Park has been affected by the industrial processing plant, but now the smell has made it to nearby suburbs.

“I walked outside yesterday, and thought I forgot to put cologne on. I think it’s unacceptable for someone living in Beresford to be smelling the Sioux Falls plant,” said one resident in Beresford.

Many new residents in the Sioux Falls thought the smell could be coming from local politicians, but those smells were minimal compared to the meat processing plant.

“I knew City Hall smelled fishy, but this pig anus smell is clearly not working for the Sioux Falls metro area,” said one Sioux Falls resident.

The new facility has not been given a timetable on completion.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White