Citizens complain each year that Sioux Falls doesn’t have anything similar to the Minneapolis Renaissance Festival.

“How can Sioux Falls not even have a Renaissance Festival?” asked one person we spoke with.

It’s a common theme for citizens of Sioux Falls who are more interested in bitching on Facebook about nothing to do in a boring city.

“Sioux Falls ain’t got nothin 2 do. Boring AF,” said one popular Facebook post that was liked over 504 times.

The Sioux Falls Renaissance Festival has actually gone for an astounding 17 years of being unnoticed by the common Sioux Falls citizen.

“I actually thought we were going for some kind of record of being unnoticed in the area. People see knights in armor walking around advertising the event, and don’t even blink an eye. I guess that’s 2018 for you,” said one organizer of the event.

Citizens will have another event to ignore in late September when Sioux Falls hosts it’s own nerd convention, “SiouxperCon”.

Both events happen every year with or without people bitching about nothing to do on Facebook.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White