In a totally shocking move, Sanford has bought Good Samaritan and the news has completely rocked the citizens of Sioux Falls.

“I didn’t even know Sanford had enough money to buy anything. I guess you learn something new every day!” said one surprised citizen we spoke with.

When the news broke yesterday, it hit many people right in the surprised area of their body.

“I had to sit down and take a big gasp of air because I was so surprised when I heard the big news. Just can’t fathom that Sanford bought something,” said another surprised citizen we spoke with.

Good Samaritan will continue to operate under its own name, for now, but people are expecting a name change soon.

“Maybe like Good Samaritan Sanford? GSS? T. Denny Sanford Good Samaritan? We’re still looking into the coolest names possible for the renaming event,” said one Sanford representative.

The future goal is to have both companies together by 1/1/2019, but many see the companies working together already.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White