Anthrax has been confirmed in South Dakota, but it’s not the kind that excited many metalheads throughout the area.

“I was looking forward to some real music coming to the area, and then I heard it’s not even the correct anthrax. Total bummer,” said one local metalhead we spoke with.

Metalheads from all over South Dakota were said to be racing from city to city to see if they could spot the band, but came up short when reports were released that it was the incorrect anthrax.

“We went to Aberdeen, Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Pierre, and then hit Rapid, Sturgis, and we never even spotted one member. Truly disappointed to hear it was the wrong one,” said a mohawk sporting metalhead we spoke with.

It looks like local metal addicts will have to wait until Metallica comes in September.

“Metallica is awesome, but not total true metal, of course. I’m a bit picky, and Metallica is not true metal,” said one fully pierced individual we spoke with.

It’s bad enough metal listeners lost Vinnie Paul, now they have to deal with this.

A truly terrible time for metal junkies.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White