Jurassic World 2 is the latest film that is being raved by teenagers throughout the world, and after opening night a local Sioux Falls teen was taken to a hospital after being “brutally forced” to sit through a movie without being on his phone.

“I guess I thought this was a free country? Looking at my bright phone at a crowded movie falls under one of the amendments of right to bear free speech,” said the hoodied, Michael Jordan socks wearing teenager.

Movie staff have warned movie goers that there will be no exceptions to having your bright-ass phone out at any times when movies are running, but many teens do not think this applies to them.

“Last week I went to a movie and Snapchatted my friend for the whole movie. I don’t remember what movie it was, but it was a blast. Hearing this misuse of brutal force so close to home is just frightening,” said the teenager in a Snapchat message to us.

Theaters all over the United States continue to have trouble with people putting their phones down, as well.

“This isn’t just a Sioux Falls problem, we’re seeing it throughout the world. People cannot put things down for a couple minutes,” read the hand-written note from the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Put down your damn phones in movie theaters, people.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White