Citizens united in Sioux Falls Wednesday night to start building a replica of Noah’s Ark just in case the rains never stop falling.

“We’re a little nervous it won’t stop, yes. We’re trying to be as prepared as possible just in case the rains never stop,” said one activist ark builder.

A different group was formed late Wednesday night to start preparing the animals.

“Seriously no idea how to gather 2 of every animal. It’s impossible without having all the hunter types just eat everything. Plus, there are like trillions of insects. We’re going to give it the best we can, though!” said the animal activist.

The citizens of Sioux Falls are also hoping Mayor TenHaken shows up to help out, as long as it doesn’t fall on Sunday.

“We are committed to helping every citizen in the city, as long as it’s not on a Sunday. Then you’re on your own,” said a statement released earlier.

Sioux Falls has seen 5+ inches of rain over the past couple days with no end in sight.

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