You’ve likely seen the spectacular amount of orange cones sprouting up around town already, and now harvest numbers are coming in.

“Our numbers are showing an overabundance of orange cones from this year’s harvest. It’s going to be a great summer!” said one orange cone harvester.

There was a little hesitation earlier this year with a couple of strong storms that rolled through the area, but harvesters say the stormy weather didn’t have any effect on them.

“We lost a couple of cones here and there, but overall the rain from the storms really helped fatten up the cones,” said the harvester.

It’s a sigh of relief from recent years, though. Statistics show that over the past decade, orange cone harvesting has been in a slow decline.

“We’ve had a bad couple of years, for sure. We might make up for a couple of years, but we’ll need a couple more years of good harvests to really break through,” said the harvester.

Sioux Falls continues to see more orange cones pop up overnight without any signs as to where they’ve come from.

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Adam K. White