“I don’t even care that a tornado is headed toward me or anyone else. Do NOT interrupt me when I’m watching my shows. These fake news stations don’t even know how to report weather, anyway,” said one local citizen we spoke with.

It’s a trending topic among South Dakotans that just want to watch their TV shows. Not caring that other people could be in danger. They just want to watch The Voice without seeing a meteorologist come on to interrupt their show.

“No one even dies in these storms. I don’t need to see a meteorologist to tell me to get under cover because a tornado is coming,” said another citizen we spoke with.

Meteorologists understand the pain, as well.

“I’m trying to catch up on my shows, too. But, when people are in danger, I must interrupt shows to warn them to get under cover. It’s not an easy job,” said one local meteorologist.

Sioux Falls and surrounding areas have not seen much severe weather as of lately, but summer is just starting and more warnings, interruptions, and meteorologists on your TV are sure to come more often as summer rolls on.

“Just don’t interrupt The Voice. You can interrupt any other show. I need that show in my life and can’t stand to miss 10 seconds of it,” said the Sioux Falls citizen.

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Adam K. White