Battle Royale games have taken over the gaming world, and it’s no secret that the games have come to Sioux Falls.

“Yeah we found some sweet ass loot inside the house. Always start from the top and work your way down for the best loot chests. I got a legendary gun I can’t wait to use on someone,” said one crew member.

Words like, “epic” and “legendary” are thrown around quite often when playing Battle Royale games because that’s things are graded in-game.

“So legendary is the most powerful, and epic follows that. It’s pretty sick what some people can do when demoing a house to find sweet sweet loot in the attics and basements,” said another demolition gamer.

The McKennan house was not a surprise to be holding legendary or epic items, though. It was pretty well documented that if you were to take a wall or two down, you’d find some sick ass loot.

“I’m ready to demo some other big houses around here. The loot is unbelievable!” said the demolition crew member.

It’s said that the demolition crews are currently targeting over 200 homes in Sioux Falls to destroy to find more loot.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White