Expanding your business is no easy feat, but one owner is expanding so quickly the newest name is exactly what is on the mind of so many in the Sioux Empire.

“I can’t believe it’s expanding so quickly. I literally wake up to a coffee cup that says, ‘OMG’ on it, so it was a really easy transition to opening this business,” said the Oh My God! owner.

The Church will begin serving the community this summer with a variety of gospel music, bibles made from luxurious paper, and freshly baked sacramental bread cupcakes.

“I think it’s going to be great for everyone involved! We’re already looking at a second location!” said the owner.

We’re also told there could be a Mayoral sighting at the grand opening.

“I have been thinking about attending. It’s a very special event for Sioux Falls and I’ll probably need to take a couple of selfies with the owner,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken.

The owner also believes there could be some interest in a monthly or annual subscription service to the church.

“What better way to belong somewhere than a monthly subscription? It’s a great idea we could utilize for extra profit margin,” said the owner.

Oh My God! will open later this summer.

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