It’s no secret that anchor stores are slowly leaving the Empire Mall, but some citizens are scared that if they keep leaving, there will be no mall left due to it floating away.

“How can a mall stay on the ground and not float away if there are no anchors holding it down? It’s physically not possible,” said one concerned citizen we spoke with.

As of right now, Sears at the Empire Mall has survived a couple more months.

“We’re so glad that Sears survived the next round of closures. They carry really heavy stuff, so it’s a plus that they’re going to stay in order to hold down the mall from certain doom,” said one representative we spoke with.

Younkers notified the public about the closure back in April and since then, more than half of the Empire Mall anchor stores have been on the chopping block.

“We’re not too worried about Younkers leaving, they carried mostly clothes, so it wasn’t very heavy. Plus all of the perfumes made it a little bit of a fire hazard,” said one mall representative.

Sioux Falls seem ready to let the Empire Mall float away as they continue ordering through online means like Amazon and

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