A local brewery is bringing home the prestigious “Everywhere AF” beer award and it has Sioux Falls citizens buzzing.

“Yeah I love that brewery! They’re literally everywhere in the area. Retail stores, restaurants, and I’m pretty sure they’re my nutritionist,” said one local brew fan.

We’re told the brewery is also creating something special for the award.

“We have been busy creating a Sioux Fallson brew for this awesome award! We’re very appreciative of the local brew scene, and cannot wait to be every more in your face about our product than ever!” said the brewery owner.

In addition to being “Everywhere AF”, the brewery is looking at getting into water fountain and refrigerator businesses.

“The refrigerator business is untapped. If we could get our brews to come straight through the refrigerator lines, that would be awesome for our brand. We would be even more in your face,” said the owner.

The brewery is also trying out an unlimited membership, where patrons can drink as much as they want for a low monthly subscription of $99.99.

They’re also considering 5 additional locations.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White