Just to get your hopes up, we’re writing an article about all the cool, big city businesses that you want, but won’t be coming any time soon.

We spoke with all these big businesses in Las Vegas, and they totally said they are scouting “Syoux Falls” as a potential for multiple locations, but would have to speak with their bosses.

“Yeah we would love to open a location there. It’s a totally interesting place for a location opportunity. We love that place,” said one business we spoke with in the Las Vegas convention.

The real reason we wrote this article is because we would really like you to click our link and read our articles, because we couldn’t go live from Las Vegas.

“I believe the opportunities in the Upper Midwest are there. It’s an interesting time in that area, and we’ve really looked into it. I’ll have to ask my boss, though,” said another business representative we spoke with.

Sioux Falls residents have been hoping for some big city franchises, but it’s likely we will just get another Walmart.

“Oh yeah, we’ve definitely thought about another Walmart location in Sioux Falls,” said one Walmart executive at the Las Vegas convention where we are at.

Sioux Falls will continue to hope and pray for some big city franchises.

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Adam K. White