‘Pushing the limits’ is something that was heard yesterday, as Prairie Berry announced they would be moving into the same building as an arcade.

“It’s just a great location for us, so close to an arcade and a Best Buy. Probably two of the most popular locations in Sioux Falls,” said a representative from Prairie Berry.

A couple months ago, the city struck down a proposal for West Mall 7 to serve alcohol at their facilities.

That proposal got a hard pass.

“This is a whole different case. This is Prairie Berry we’re talking about here. The shining beacon of alcohol. Not a $3 movie theater,” said a representative from the city.

No word on how far away Prairie Berry is away from the arcade, but we’re absolutely positive that there will never be a drunk person in or around the arcade.

“We’re going to monitor the situation in our ghost vehicle, so we can be super secret about how we are monitoring. Sometimes we’ll even be dressed in street clothes inside the facility, but we will still be monitoring,” said a representative from the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Still no word on how Chuck E. Cheese’s serves alcohol and allows children to be so close to it.

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Adam K. White