The Great Plains Zoo announced this morning that they will be releasing one of the tigers every morning before opening time, so that visitors will have a little extra excitement to their zoo visit.

“It’s no secret that escape rooms are very popular right now. Why not make the zoo a giant escape room, but from a tiger?!” said one zoo official.

Many citizens of the city are also intrigued about the new added “attraction.”

“I’m super excited to see how it all plays out! You can’t help but think that it’s going to be a rush and that it’s going to add a ton of exciting outcomes to a boring zoo visit,” said one citizen we spoke with.

The zoo estimates visits to increase over 100% during the tiger escape plan.

“Well I enjoy a good run. Why not enjoy running, at the zoo, from a tiger? My kids are going to have a blast and I’m going to take a ton of selfies for my social media accounts,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken.

The zoo will also offer “hardcore zoo visits.” This option costs extra and will equip visitors with meat tied to their clothes.

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