1980’s Nostalgia will soon be featuring Sioux Falls. While the physical house is to be relocated or demolished in the next 30 days, the spirit of the McKennan Monster House will live on in an unlikely medium.

Midway Games has announced a sequel to its 80’s literal smash hit Rampage; Rampage Returns! The game uses the same smash-em-up mechanics of the original, with a few modern twists.

Sioux Falls Headliner could confirm one of the levels will feature Sioux Falls and the much maligned “Monster House” in the McKennan Park neighborhood. “I absolutely loved this game as a kid,” explained local video game enthusiast Jerimiah Newt. “And now Sioux Falls gets to be a part of it!? I think it’s great!”

Officially known as the Sapienza house, the home has been in the news several times over the last couple of years over historic covenants, neighbor disputes and architectural criticism. Some people think the timing of the games release and inclusion of such a sensitive subject is particularly noteworthy given the recent events.

After a series of lengthy court battles, a judge has ruled the home either needs to be relocated or demolished by June 16th. If they fail to do so, the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office will be ordered to demolish the home.

Rumor has it the level featuring the “Monster House” will be a bonus level where players try to smash the building down to a size which conforms to the historical norms of the neighborhood. Also included in the Sioux Falls level will be the Arena, the trees of Rotary Park and the old Zip Feed Tower (post dynamite demolition).

The Sioux Falls Headliner