The affluent parts of downtown Sioux Falls are coming alive! …but not TOO alive, or else they will scream “this is where rich people shop”.

New buildings that have popped up have ordered literal rust buckets to sit out front of the building to try and boost their “everyone can come here, not just rich people” look.

“I mean, have you seen how rustic and inviting the front of our building is?” said one tenant in a new building.

The south side of Sioux Falls seems to be super open to the new rustic building look downtown.

“We literally have brand new buildings going for that rustic, abandoned look. I think it’s a great sign for Sioux Falls. Have you seen some of those nice rusty buckets sitting outside of the buildings?” said one south Sioux Falls resident we spoke with.

New Mayor Paul TenHaken was also seen setting up some rust buckets outside City Hall on Wednesday.

“We’re just trying to not be, uh, disappointed in downtown Sioux Falls. You know I have the tools to fix it, so I’m going to, uh, use them this time,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken.

Sioux Falls continues to building brand new looking buildings, but not too new looking.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White