The upper Midwest is getting a little more crowded in the expensive as hell category!

With many upscale hotels, restaurants, and fancy boutiques opening lately in Sioux Falls, many surrounding area families have opted to file for bankruptcy after taking weekend trips to the closest big city.

“We used to go to Omaha for the weekend and then file for bankruptcy, but now since Sioux Falls is so much closer and more expensive than Omaha, we might as well just go there and file for bankruptcy,” said one Sioux City couple we spoke with.

The Sioux Falls Conventions & Visitors Bureau cannot figure out why hotel tax collection is down almost $30,000 from this time last year, but some citizens might have some clues as to why.

“Well you need a credit check just to try and book a room during an event weekend in Sioux Falls. Hotels know people are coming, so they price gouge,” said one local downtown citizen we spoke with.

It’s unclear how the city plans to deal with this, but all signs point to them building another upscale boutique/hotel/restaurant facility.

“We are planning another option for tourist shoppers and eaters. It’s going to be upscale and very nice,” said one city representative.

Told you so.

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Adam K. White