Super excited Sioux Falls citizens woke up Monday to find that their normal commuting route had been invaded by orange cones for private construction projects.

“So I was on my way to work, and was super stoked to see my normal commute was closed for the summer because of a private construction project that I’ll never use. Awesome use of tax-payer funds!” said one excited citizen.

Reports released by the city say tax payers are always willing to pay for damages to public roads made by private construction companies.

“Have you see all these potholes made by big ass construction vehicles? That’s exactly how I would like my tax money to be spent. That and parking lots I will never get to use,” said another super stoked citizen we spoke with.

The tax payers of Sioux Falls also love having a surplus of money in the city coffers just in case another big snow storm hits and city snow plows are not used.

“With all the money in the city coffers and not using the snow plows when it is really bad, we can really show citizens that we are super awesome with money and don’t spend it on unnecessary super-secret stuff,” said one city government official.

Sioux Falls currently has millions of dollars sitting in city coffers.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White