A recent study shows that Sioux Falls citizens have been growing more and more upset that it takes them longer than 15 minutes to get to their job.

“I leave 15 minutes before I’m supposed to be at work, and lately it’s been taking 16. I’m constantly late!” said one citizen we spoke with.

It’s a common theme among citizens in the Sioux Falls metro area and some even believe in conspiracies involving streetlights working against them.

“I’m very skeptical about these streetlights. I think some of them have cameras, so basically they’re watching and waiting for people to be in a hurry, and then BOOM! They change red!” said another citizen we spoke with.

Other citizens attribute the delays to the drivers on the roads with them.

“I see so many out of state license plates, I don’t even know what state I live in anymore. Way too many Iowans and Minnesotans,” said the citizen.

Sioux Falls has pledged to work around these foreign drivers as best they can.

“We’re really trying to educate out of state drivers in our ways. That includes basic driving skills, easier ways to see your surroundings, and giving them high chairs to see over their steering wheels,” said one city representative.

Let’s all hope it works, because these 16 minute commutes are killing us.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White