Chalk up another award for Sioux Falls!

Downtown Sioux Falls has been voted the “best place to start a downtown business” in the country and it has Sioux Falls buzzing.

“I couldn’t believe it when I heard it!” said one downtown business owner who owns a business in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls.

We caught up with current Mayor Mike Huether, who was caught off guard by the award.

“I’m just very caught off guard here as I eat my breakfast from a local downtown Sioux Falls business. We’re very proud about our businesses here in downtown Sioux Falls,” said a teary Mike Huether.

Downtown businesses have been booming under Sioux Falls’ Huether, and he hopes that the next administration follows suit in the same manner he did.

“It’s all about transparent government, you know? You just have to make the deals you know citizens are going to love. That’s what we wanted from day one,” said Huether.

We are still waiting to hear back from candidates TenHaken and Loetscher on what they think of the newest award given to Sioux Falls.

Both candidates have advocated for downtown businesses in all 92 debates.

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Adam K. White