The brand new Interstate system in Sioux Falls has officially broke ground!

“We’re so excited to break ground on I-292! It’s a mirrored version of I-229. It will also receive traffic from I-29, which is how we came up with the clever name of I-292!” said one official we spoke with.

With this new Interstate being a copy-pasted version of I-229, city planners hope the southwest side of Sioux Falls sees a boom in business as the southeast side has over the past couple years.

“We’ve had a ton of businesses come to us and request an Interstate that goes to the southwest side of the city. Now we’ll have that! Maybe we could get another Walmart out there,” said the official.

But, some citizens are worried about the confusing name planning of the new Interstate.

“Why exactly is it called an ‘Interstate’ if it doesn’t go to a different state? And 292? I can barely get 29, 229, and 90 straight as it is,” said one concerned citizen.

The Sioux Falls Headliner reached out to both Mayoral candidates, but both were unavailable for comment because of preparation for their 57th debate taking place soon.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White