Conspiracy theorists have had a field day with where the missing person known as “Hot 104.7” has suddenly vanished to.

“You don’t just go missing overnight like this. Something is fishy here,” said one conspiracy theorist.

Hot 104.7 was last seen right before Sioux Falls’ last big blizzard, and has not contacted any family or friends since.

Friends and family have been increasingly upset with the situation handling, as well. They say there has been literal and figurative ‘radio silence’ on the situation.

“I’m starting to get very worried. Most days I just sit there in silence. There’s no one to listen to anymore,” said one person close to the missing person.

Search parties have been dispatched throughout all of Minnehaha County, but no traces of the missing person have come up quite yet.

“I’m really starting to suspect some kind of government testing going on here. Like that one Netflix show with the kids,” posted one conspiracy theorist.

“I wasn’t even aware they were still around!” said one citizen we spoke with.

We will continue to update on this story when we receive more info.

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Adam K. White