Like your uncle who is currently going through a midlife crisis, the city has become increasingly worried about their ‘hip meter’, which has led to a name change.

‘The Falls’ will become the city’s official name after 10 millennials gathered outside of City Hall to protest the, “old person name” that The Falls once had.

“It’s a really old and wrinkly name. Just say it! ‘Sioux Falls’. I would imagine them driving really slow in front of me when I’m in a hurry,” said one millennial we spoke with.

The Falls city council overwhelmingly voted to change the name after all 10 millennials messaged them on Facebook, but could not figure out how to respond.

“There was a ton of support for this name change. We had 10 millennials lined up outside to protest the old name. We couldn’t just stand by,” said one city councilor who wrote out the response on a piece of paper because they couldn’t figure out their email.

With this new name change, The Falls hopes to attract hip millennials to open cool businesses that we can all post about on Facebook, but never go to.

“It’s a very exciting time. I once had a hip business, but now I’m Mayor. I know all about being hip and cool,” said new Mayor Paul TenHaken.

The Falls will start changing maps and signs to reflect the change as soon as possible.

The Falls Headliner
Adam K. White