It’s an absolute scorcher out there, and the citizens of Sioux Falls have made their voices heard about it already.

“How can it already be this hot? Where did those nice cool temps from last week go? I’m already upset at how hot it is,” said one gentleman we spoke with.

With temperatures reaching the near 70 today, we’re all sure to hear about exactly how hot it is from coworkers, friend, and family.

“I literally almost died when I stepped outside. It’s really hot out there. I didn’t know I was living in Arizona all the sudden. Not sure where it came from,” said another citizen we spoke with.

Authorities remind citizens to be mindful when working outside for long periods of time, and they also remind us to stay hydrated in times like these.

“We get about 10-15 calls a day related to overheating. Today will be no different. It’s going to be a very busy day for us,” said an official from Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue.

Authorities also remind citizens that streaking in the sprinklers is illegal, no matter how hot it is.

“Last year we arrested a couple for running around in the sprinklers, completely naked. We were finally able to arrest the couple after about an hour of them slipping through our grips, shouting ‘slug life’,” said SFFR officials.

Sioux Falls remains on ‘high heat alert’ for the remainder of the day.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White