Spring has come and the citizens of Sioux Falls couldn’t be more excited to hear loud ass motorcycles revving their engines again.

“I just love hearing a super loud motorcycle on a nice spring day. There’s just something about it. I can’t really explain it,” said one local we spoke with.

Motorcycle noise drastically increases in the spring months when weather starts heating up.

“We do get a drastic amount of calls coming in about loud motorcycles. Most of them are totally positive and complimenting of loud motorcycles revving their engines on nice spring and summer days,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department official.

Motorcycle noise also brings out the people who play loud music with their windows down, which is something Sioux Falls citizens also love.

“Don’t you just love hearing that buzzing boom from the trunk of a Lincoln Continental?” said another local we spoke with.

Authorities remind people not to get too close to loud noises or it could harm hearing, otherwise they would have to contact city council representative to put a fence around the engine so no one gets hurt.

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Adam K. White