A brand new ice cream parlor is opening downtown and it has a very unique way of delivering your delicious desserts.

“It’s the first kind of ice cream place to deliver your dessert with a kick. Sometimes literally!” said Parkour Cone’s owner and operator.

At first it looks like a very traditional, upscale ice cream restaurant, but after you order your ice cream, you choose what kind of parkour move an employee does.

“I’m very excited to start doing some flips off the wall while scooping up some ice cream!” said one employee.

The ice cream parlor will also name their unique ice creams after some popular parkour moves.

“I can’t really give away all of the flavors quite yet, but some of them include Speed Vault Vanilla and Wall Climbing Chocolate,” said the owner and operator.

We reached out to the Washington Pavilion to find out if they are looking forward to more parkour nearby, but have not received a response.

Parkour Cone will open this May.

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