Fencing at Falls Park has been a very hot topic as of late, and Sioux Falls citizens have finally grown tired of the Fencing at the park.

“I was having a nice afternoon there, and out of nowhere these 2 people come and start Fencing over me. One of them poked me in the eye with that stupid sword thing,” said one citizen we spoke with.

Fencing in public parks is technically legal, but frowned upon by authorities and most citizens.

“We’ve had people who dress up in chainmail and plate armor to ‘slay’ each other with fake swords before. It’s called the Renaissance fair. We’re not really sure what to do about Fencing at the Falls,” said one SFPD representative.

Fencing is drawing sharp criticism from park-goers who are trying to enjoy the natural beauty of the Falls as it was created.

“The Fencing here just adds an unattractive look to the Falls. We’re here to observe nature as it’s supposed to be, not some stupid Fencing,” said another park goer.

Falls Park remains next to Sioux Falls’ stink bomb factory.

Fencing enthusiasts have also started campaigning to have Falls Park be the official Fencing arena in the Sioux Falls region which will surely enrage citizens even more.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White