West Mall 7 has purchased a large mouse in order to serve beer and wine at their movie theatre.

Movie theaters are making a comeback, and some say it’s largely due to theaters catching up with the modern day.

Serving alcohol and making seats more comfortable have the movie theaters on the uptick, but one local Sioux Falls movie theater owner has been denied a license to serve some alcohol at his theater.

“At this point, the arcade across the hall would be able to sell alcohol if they had a name on the building that said Chuck E. Cheese’s,” said the theater owner.

The movie theater owner also tried applying for the license as Aaron Hultgren, and received more momentum behind his cause, but in the end was unmasked by a Great Dane.

West Mall 7 has now decided to put a large mouse that plays the drums in every theater, so that attendees will receive an opening show and will be able to purchase alcohol in the theater.

City Council was not available for comment about the West Mall Mouse.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White