Local trees have officially hit the snooze button for 5 more weeks.

With the latest weather forecast models recently released, the Sioux Falls area trees have officially hung up their budding ways for 5 more weeks.

“It’s just too cold. There’s no way I grow in this cold ass weather,” said one local tree we spoke with.

Not all trees were so quick to hang up the spring growth though.

“Yeah, man. I’ve been growing buds all winter. This cold just can’t stop me, my man. Ha ha ha. You should see some of my buds,” said another very interesting tree we spoke with.

Local gardeners welcomed the first full week of spring with open arms, but are also dreading the onslaught of birds that come with it. They are hoping the trees wake up soon so that the birds stay away from their gardens and up in the trees.
Some are standing ready, even if the trees don’t wake up.

“I’ve got some new tricks up my sleeve this year for those pesky birds. It might actually be more fun than gardening!” said one gardener.

Sioux Falls City Council also filed to check into an audit done by the SFTHA (Sioux Falls Tree Hugger Association), but were baffled to find it wasn’t even an audit like they were meant to believe.

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