It comes but once or twice a year that a meteorologist nails a forecast right on the head and Sioux Falls plans to honor them for it.

“I seriously cannot believe it came so early in the year! Usually it’s a hot summer day they get right!” said one local woman we spoke with.

It’s very unusual for local meteorologists to get a day forecast correct, but for it to happen in a spring month is almost unheard of.

“We are very happy to receive the Sioux Falls honor for correct forecast. We plan on ‘making it rain’ with awards this year,” said one local meteorologist.

Despite the terrible dad joke, the meteorologist wanted to ensure the Sioux Falls public that they plan on getting more days correct this year.

Not all Sioux Falls citizens were celebrating good times, though.

“I still don’t trust the forecast. One time they said it was going to rain, but it snowed,” said one local man we spoke with.

Meteorologists from around the area plan on celebrating by playing “Weather You Like It Or Not” which is a game invented by dads, for dads.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White