GMO based implants have been all the rage lately, and one Sioux Falls rail car finally learned that they may not be as good as they seem.

A local Sioux Falls rail car recently tipped over on the rail tracks in downtown Sioux Falls and many believe the GMO based implants are to blame.

“Yeah you should have seen how top heavy that car was. I’m surprised she didn’t tip over sooner. Never go with the GMO implants, hunny!” said one woman we spoke with.

It’s still unclear how many pounds of GMO product was placed in the rail car.

“When a load is too heavy, you’re getting into dangerous territory. It should be dumped immediately,” said one Avera specialist.

Sioux Falls Police Department have been on the case since the rail car tipped over, and say the rail car definitely was top heavy with GMO related implants.

“The rail car just never did leg day, and that’s when you get a recipe for disaster in GMO implants,” said a SFPD representative.

Clean up is still underway.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White