It’s been a long time coming, and Sioux Falls cannot be more excited for the next winter storm.

“I’m just super stoked that we’re getting a winter storm. I had absolutely nothing to do this weekend when a huge drinking holiday fell on a Saturday,” said one local we spoke with.

Businesses have started posting event cancellations, as well.

“We’ve cancelled our huge annual St. Patrick’s Day party because of this storm. It’s going to be a great one, and we believe everyone should stay home and enjoy it,” said a local business owner.

It’s not clear how awesome this storm is going to be, though.

“The storm has a 54.5% chance of 85% chancing the snow type, and a 23.2% chance of 90% happening,” said a local meteorologist.

To clear things up, this storm will obviously bring hurricane force winds, snow, rain, ice, snownadoes, and Iowan drivers.

Local law enforcement reminds citizens to take extreme caution when seeing an Iowan driver in harsh driving conditions.

“Well we always want people to exercise caution when encountering an Iowan driver, but it’s 100x worse in snow storms,” said a SFPD representative.

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Adam K. White