The Sioux Falls Police Department recently announced they would be moving forward to modern techniques of storing criminal data.

Since crime has been so low in Sioux Falls for decades, SFPD will be upgrading their floppy disk storage system, to a modern flash drive system to keep up with the new increase in crime.

“We hope these new little thingys help us store the new data we have been receiving from the increase in crime around the city,” said one SFPD representative.

With the temperatures slowly creeping above freezing, the Sioux Falls Police Department is also bracing for at least 5% more crime than in winter months.

“We tend to see more crime happen above 32 degrees,” said another representative from the SFPD.

It is believed that with this new technology, the police department will have to bring in experts from local high schools to teach them exactly how this brand new technology works.

The Sioux Falls Police Department is also looking into wireless technology, but is deemed too advanced for now.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White