The State Theatre sits on the cusp of acceptable and unacceptable in regards to a recent noise ordinance that has recently come to light.

“We’re working very hard to keep the State Theatre under the 65 decibel level. Actions have been taken,” said one representative from the State Theatre.

While the ordinance recently stifled the Icon Lounge, many flocked to the State Theatre for their entertainment fix, only to find that it has been under construction for decades due to sitting on the 65 decibel cusp.

“I wasn’t even aware we had something like this downtown. I just thought it was a billboard!” said one downtown citizen.

It’s hard to imagine a downtown without such entertainment, but it seems as though citizens want a nice, quiet downtown in a metro area of a quarter of a million citizens.

“I really want more entertainment down here and I think this theatre thing would help. But I’m really on the 65 decibel cusp area. I want it, but I don’t want it too loud,” said another downtown Sioux Falls citizen we spoke with.

The State Theatre continues to be not open.

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