It was announced earlier this week that Chiseled Licks will be opening their first restaurant near the intersection of 85th and Minnesota Avenue this summer.

Chiseled Licks features hunky male servers who, on your command, will allow you to lick their chiseled abs whenever you’d like.

“It’s really a great concept. Meat, meat, meat,” said the owner and operator of Chiseled Licks.

Servers at the restaurant are allowed to work out mid-shift in the backroom gym, so that guests may get the “garlicky salt” flavoring whenever they choose to lick the waiter.

“Our garlic salt flavor really hits home with our meats,” said one waiter we spoke with.

Mayor Mike Huether has shown interest in picking up a part time position after his term is done as Mayor.

“I think it’s just a great opportunity for Sioux Falls. I would really enjoy picking up part time work there to give back to the community after my term is complete,” said Mayor Mike Huether.

Chiseled Licks is set to open this summer.

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