After hearing about the cardboard sandwiches being eaten by children in the Sioux Falls School District, prison inmates have decided to donate their bread and water meals to children in the public school system.

“It’s terrible what those kids are eating. Cat food would probably be more tasteful than what they’re eating,” said one inmate we spoke with.

The school district has tried putting cat food on the menu in past years, but has failed to land a sponsorship deal with Friskies.

Inmates are also receiving months off of their sentence if meal donations are made.

“It’s just a great way for the inmates to give back to their communities. Our bread and water meals here are the best in the state and we want to share that with the public school system,” said a prison official we spoke with.

Sioux Falls schools began serving cardboard sandwiches with a “mystery green” this year in order to save money.

“I’m pretty upset my kid is eating cardboard and rice cakes at school. We need to have nutritious, affordable meals in our schools. Like the Taco Bell we have every night at our house. Nutritious and affordable. Can’t the schools get anything right?!” said one parent whose post went viral on Facebook.

Sioux Falls schools have vowed to try to strike a sponsorship deal with Taco Bell to make lunches more affordable and nutritious in the coming years.

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Adam K. White