Intoxibaked Cupcakes has shut their doors after Sioux Falls city officials cited the business was violating local food laws put in place to protect consumers.

The business infused baked goods with locally sourced drugs from Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.

“We checked with all the local regulators, made sure we didn’t have to have a drug distributing license, everything. They said we were good to go!” said the Intoxibaked Cupcakes business owner.

The business has recently become famous for the famed “South Dakota Original”. The “South Dakota Original” or SDO as people know them, is a vanilla cupcake laced with a slight meth flavoring. It’s an original idea that the business owner had after visiting various rural communities.

The only problem is that after months of business, Sioux Falls city officials shut her down.

“We saw the word ‘adulterated’ and flipped a switch on the business. We can’t have that kind of perverted business around here,” said one Sioux Falls city official.

Intoxibaked Cupcakes hopes to be back in business soon after speaking with City Councilors.

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