Over the weekend, a Samurai was arrested for stabbing two victims with a sword. One has died from his injuries while the other is being treated at a local hospital and is expected to survive.

It all started when the Samurai was approached by an “anti-dress” that evening and things escalated from there. It’s said the Samurai had a friend with him who acted as an “announcer”.

When the Samurai struck an individual with his sword, the “announcer” yelled out, “YOU HAVE SLAIN AN ENEMY”. It’s not clear if the “announcer” will be charged in the slayings.

Local police say two individuals got in an argument about Samurai attire and a new episode of anime they both enjoyed.

“The man charged said they had gotten into an argument on whether or not ‘Samurai Jack’ wears a dress or not,” said a local police department representative.

“I’m a very big fan of anime, but we need to put our differences aside when it comes to Samurai Jack,” said Mayor Mike Huether.

Police say they are still investigating, but the public is in no danger.

More information will be released when available.

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Adam K. White